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Dear Friends,

Happy 2008! We thank you all for your continued interest and enthusiastic support as we begin our 13th year online.

It still amazes me how the Internet has such power to communicate and bring virtual (no pun intended) strangers together. Brides and Grooms have visited us from as far away as Indonesia, Russia and the Isle of Man, and as close as 2 blocks away from our office. Questions for The Wedding Bell Blues have come from all over the world. We truly do have so much in common. Weddings are a time of joy, a time of celebration and a time of anxiety no matter where in this wonderful world you reside.

Many people have asked about the creation of Wedding Stars Online. Our format really evolved from talking to Brides and Grooms. You told us that the number 1 obstacle in planning your wedding was lack of time. No surprise. If you really think about it, you are planning the most important - and probably biggest - party that you will ever host as a couple. To complicate things, add a possible change of residence, change of lifestyle, increased family involvement and all of the financial planning and it's no wonder you feel that there aren't enough hours in the day.

Wedding Stars Online was designed to provide the kind of detailed information that saves you time. Our wedding professionals have done a wonderful job in communicating who they are, and what they can do for you. We want you to feel that you know them prior to ever picking up the phone. I am very impressed by the quality and professionalism of our members, and from your response, I'm glad that you share my feelings.

Please enjoy your visit with us, and return often. My "E-mail is always open" for your comments and suggestions.

I wish you all the best that life and love have to offer.

Janis Pich Roeder

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